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Our planet needs the contribution of companies to save common natural resources, and we also want to do our part. Our business is based on the use of materials, but we promote the smart and responsible use of natural resources by renewing operating methods and changing culture.

At Teva-Team, responsibility touches both people, the environment and the company’s operations

At Teva-Team, we operate sustainably and in compliance with legislation. As a company, we make responsible decisions, e.g. in procurement and we carry our principles forward in our procurement chains. We are committed to complying with ethical guidelines and working methods both within the company and with suppliers.

Environmental aspects are important to us, and we use Ekokompass as an environmental management tool.

Sustainable consumption

All our products are ethically manufactured in Istabul and Edirne, a Turkish family business. We make sure that the factory we choose to manufacture our zipper meets our values. We have chosen our partners because of their morally and ethically responsible and sustainable practices.

We are very satisfied with the partner with whom the zippers are manufactured. We visit our factories regularly and value our partner’s staff very much. All employees are well paid and work in good working conditions. The wages are such that all employees have the opportunity to live a good life locally. We are proud of our partner and that we can offer work to local people.

Teva-Team conducts ethically responsible business in all stages of production. This has been important to us since the first day we started manufacturing zippers. It is our job to continue to ensure that all parties we work with adhere to our sustainable and ethical practices. The Code Of Conduct clearly informs our partners about our values ​​and operating methods that each of our partners must follow for the entire manufacturing chain.

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