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Teva is the Finnish alternative to zippers. We design our zippers with domestic forces with long experience and in close cooperation with our customers. We want to make sure that the zipper is not the weakest link in your product, but an essential part of the functional user experience.

We design and implement solutions that are safe, productive and in line with sustainable development. Our investments in user experience and durability make chains practical for the end user. With our know-how, we ensure optimal use of the products for all different purposes and maximize the value of your purchase – both in the short and long term.

Management of the entity

We help with optimization: what are the best ways for your company to change or re-innovate; the zipper and the use of the zipper in such a way that you achieve the best end result and savings in purchases.

Choosing the right zipper

We create safe and durable zippers that meet your organization’s usage needs and quality requirements. We are constantly developing our zippers. Our goal is to develop zippers that improve the user experience of your end product and increase the comfort of use of your end product.

Adapting to smooth change

By introducing our products, we help optimize the change in your work environment – our common goal is to reduce both costs and carbon footprint. We make your procurement more efficient by understanding your operations and creating solutions that make procurement easier.


We understand the structures of your products and different stages of their life cycle. This understanding makes us the right kind of partner in implementation future products, whether it is about modernizations, new products or introduction of new technology and innovative service solutions.

Service design

Before customer-specific service design, we together identify end users’ usage needs. In this way, we understand how we can best support your product and production and create the right service design that best suits the needs of your organization.

Teva-zippers has been awarded the Design from Finland label.

The association for Finnish Design from Finland label can be awarded to a product, product group or service that strongly represents Finnish design expertise. The sign says that the company has invested in professional design and achieved business benefits through design. Products and services bearing the Design from Finland label are designed in Finland in a professional, responsible and user-oriented manner. Companies that have received the label communicate openly about the structure of their production chain and the country of manufacture.


All our products are ethically manufactured in Istabul and Edirne, a Turkish family business. We make sure that the factory we choose to manufacture our zipper meets our values. We have chosen our partners because of their morally and ethically responsible and sustainable practices.

We are very satisfied with the partner with whom the zippers are manufactured. We visit our factories regularly and value our partner’s staff very much. All employees are well paid and work in good working conditions. The wages are such that all employees have the opportunity to live a good life locally. We are proud of our partner and that we can offer work to local people.

Teva-Team conducts ethically responsible business in all stages of production. This has been important to us since the first day we started manufacturing zippers. It is our job to continue to ensure that all parties we work with adhere to our sustainable and ethical practices. The Code Of Conduct clearly informs our partners about our values ​​and operating methods that each of our partners must follow for the entire manufacturing chain.

We strive to be a sustainable company through our products and production, and we take this into account in our own manufacturing. Our partner’s values ​​strongly include consideration of the environment. During 2024, our production will mainly move to new premises, which will enable even cleaner production. Wastewater from dyeing is cleaned in the factory’s own premises, and rainwater is collected and used in own production. Solar panels will also be a source of electricity in the future. During 2025, the goal is for 50% of all electrical energy to be self-produced with solar power. Waste heat is also collected and reused in manufacturing processes.

In addition to making our products ethically and from sustainable materials, we make them sustainable and functional by designing unique zippers.

Nylon zipper >

  • Good durability and functionality
  • Open end, closed end, X-type, Two way, Two side, non-lock, auto-lock
  • N3/4mm, N5/6mm, N7/6,4mm, N8/8mm and N10/10mm
  • Metal coil available
  • Waterproof anf WR (water repellent) treatment available

Delrin/Plastic zipper >

  • Available watreproof and WR (water repellent) treatment
  • Excat number of teeth
  • D3/4mm, D5/6mm D8/8mm and D10/9mm
  • Open end, closed end, X-type closed end, two way open end, long chain
  • Metal colors available

Metal zipper >

  • Lot of metal colors
  • Sliders auto-lock, semi-lock and non-lock
  • M2/3,5mm, M3/4mm, M4/4,5mm, M5/6mm, M8/8mm, M9/9mm and M12/12,6mm

Long chain >

  • Nylon, Delrin, Metal
  • Dyeing available: Raw white, Dyed, Metal colors
  • WR (water repellent) treatment
  • Waterproof PU-lamination

Sliders and pullers >

  • Many different way to attach pullers
  • Sliders: auto-lock, camlock or non-lock
  • customer design possible
  • Plating possible


Teva zippers are suitable for all industries. Creating the future with us, e.g. partners below.


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Teva zippers meet even the most demanding certificates and customer needs. Our passion is zippers and their development according to customer needs.

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