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The Teva zippers we manufacture cover a wide range of different zippers for professional use. Zippers are suitable, for example, for clothes, footwear, furniture, mattresses, boat covers, pet supplies, tents, ballistic vests for the military and authoritiesand bags. We are happy to advise you on choosing the right products.

The zippers are manufactured on the lines of our partner in Turkey, from where we receive weekly deliveries. Thanks to our fast manufacturing and our extensive warehouse, we are able to offer our customers very fast and flexible deliveries. Deliveries are also possible directly to the manufacturing factories.

Zippers are available with different locking and opening options. Now we also have so-called quick release zippers that can be opened from the top. These are suitable, for example, for children’s clothes and the special needs of the army.

Aramid chain tape with good fire resistance is also available for metal chain. In this case, heat resistance up to over 400 degrees. Edge bands are also available in different options, such as cotton or demi color. The jeans also have the option of a semi-lock puller in addition to the basic auto-lock.

Design-zippers and special treatments

There are also more special design pulls to choose from in the zippers. We deliver these as factory orders with a delivery time of about 3 weeks. If you wish, you can get a water-repellent (WR) treatment. In this case, it repels water and dirt and is well suited for e.g. boat canopies.
Splash-proof zippers are also available for both spiral chains and plastic zippers.

  • Zippers are also flexibly available with the customer’s own logo zipper.
  • Zippers meet Oeko-Tex and REACH requirements.

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In accordance with the needs of the furniture industry, our selection now also includes long chain zippers, locks and custom-made chains with different solution options. Long chains, locks and custom-made chains in customer colors are available directly from the warehouse. The slider can be nonlock or autolock, painted or plated, but still nickel-free.

In the manufacture of bed mattresses, there are often long individual zippers and sewing takes a lot of time. It is possible to make markings on the edge tape with specified measurements, which makes it possible to check during sewing that the folds are in the right place.
The ending zippers can also be attached to each other, so that the new chain does not have to be inserted slowly and repositioned, but the work can continue uninterrupted right to the next piece.

We have several type of zippers in our collection. We also love to customised and develop our zippers excatly as customers need. Below you can find some main products from us.

The metal imitation chain is a zipper with plastic teeth, the appearance of which resembles a metal zipper. The product is available in 4/6/8mm width as a closed- and open end chain. 2-way also available.

The selection of metal zippers is available as open end, closed end, long chain and 2way open end as well as X-type 2-way closed end.
Widths: 4 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm and 9 mm. Galvanic metal plating available for sliders, pullers and teeth.

Long Chain are available metric zippers (spiral, metal and plastic) also with a 2-sided puller. It is well suited, for example, to boat canopies or tents, where the zipper must be able to be opened on both sides. For the needs of the furniture industry, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm coil spirals are available as long chain. Coil zippers are available as openend, closed end as well as 2-way.
The widths 4mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10mm are available in our selections. We also have 2-side sliders and a splash-proof zippers. Also available are water-repellent chains.
Plastic zipper includes long chain, open end and closed end zipper, such as 2-way options.
Widths: 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 9 mm. Options with a 2-way and 2-sided lock as well as splash-proof zipper are also in our collection.

We have also developed our own product for the furniture and mattress industry, which enables us to solve problems to facilitate the customer’s production. Sliders and pullers are available in metal or plastic.



Come and visit the Teva Zippers facilities. We are pleased to showcase our products, processes, and operations model.


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