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Operating procedure

  • As employees, we must familiarize ourselves with the Code of Conduct and follow the procedures. We address suspected misconduct and ask for advice from the nearest supervisor how to act in any given situation. Managers must lead by example.
  • We strive to promote diversity and do not discriminate against anyone based on race, age, or nationality. because of gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Think about how you could improve the workplace atmosphere and get excited and inspire others.
  • Take responsibility for your personal and professional development.
  • Take care of your own safety and the safety of others and set a good example for others.
  • Tknow the environmental impacts and laws related to your own work. Don’t waste natural resources.
  • Do not give or offer to the official or accept anything from the official. The official is a broad concept in anti-bribery legislation. Don’t pay the official either in order to speed up the processing of the case.
  • Pay the third party reasonable and legitimate commissions and always do a written agreement on the basis of the fee.
  • Do not offer or accept gifts or hospitality that are unreasonable.
  • Do not gain an unjustified personal advantage by taking advantage of your work duties. Remaining from the decision-making itself, which causes a possible conflict of interest. Record and tell everything potential conflicts of interest to your manager.
  • Do not share commercial information with competitors or third parties.
  • Take care of the confidentiality of information and do not give confidential information to business partners to the pans. You may not share information about Teva-Team’s business area with it to competing customers or suppliers.
  • Don’t limit the freedom of customers to set their own resale prices
  • Know your customers, partners and suppliers. Get enough information beforehand starting cooperation.
  • Strive to continuously develop business relationships and take action when you identify a risk.
  • Keep accurate records of your transactions. Be careful when paying invoices to business partners.
  • Do not misuse company property or information.
  • Do not discuss confidential matters in public places, on social media or with friends and family members
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