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Long chain


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The long chain zipper can be adapted to different needs
Long chains are packed on rolls and are available in all qualities, as spiral chain, plastic chain and metal chain. Merchandise by the meter can be dyed or undyed.
For the furniture industry, it is possible to get special larger rollers. The spiral chain can also be available by the meter in a metallic color, for example with a silver spiral teeth.
Reversed chain is also possible with long chain, in which case the sliders must be ordered with reversed functionality. The long chain can also be treated with WR (water repellent).
Also available is spiral meter chain especially for bags, sacks and backpacks in 6.4 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm width.
Waterproof protection is also possible for spiral and plastic long chains. It is also possible to weave the ribbon in different versions and even printed or woven into different patterns.


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