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At Teva, the processes have been refined to be precise and to serve our customers as well as possible. Our products are developed and quality is constantly monitored.



Product development starts from a specific need: for example, the customer needs a certain type of zipper, in a certain color and with certain properties. Teva-Team maps the production options. Colors are tested, desired properties are sought. The customer receives sample zippers, after which the product is ready for production or the product is polished even better.


When production starts, the customer has approved the production sample. After this, the product is checked step by step on the way to packaging. Before packaging, the zippers are checked and approved to be sent to the customer. Technical properties are also checked for each production batch.


Finish and quality control

When finishing the zippers we make testing that all are working correctly. Then we do separately quality control like open the zips and make measurements etc.


We have weekly deliveries from factory. Also if needed we can do separately delivery directly to factory locations. We also can keep customer stock to quarantee delivery even in same day from our stock.

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