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Values ​​live in people

Values ​​are not realized on paper, but in people and their actions. This is how we think about our values ​​and their manifestation in our everyday life:

Kari Känkänen

Customer orientation

Teva-Team’s decades in the industry have taught them to identify customer needs. The need is not always the same as the order: that’s why we find out the need properly before offering. This way we don’t sell too much, too little or the wrong kind. Thanks to genuine customer orientation, the longest customer relationships have lasted a full 30 years.

Kari Känkänen, sales manager


An enthusiastic atmosphere also brings success to the customer. We are problem solvers and design partners, willing to find solutions that make things easier. We are also eager to offer new products when it fits the customer’s needs. We often hear from customers that “I didn’t think you could get something like this!”

Lari Molkka, CEO

Pekka Molkka


From the beginning, we have wanted to be a credit partner for our customers. It means that sometimes you have to honestly talk about problems as well – when you inevitably come across them in life and business. Even in these situations, the most important thing is to keep the book covers open and seek a solution in the way that best serves the customer.

Pekka Molkka, Chairman of the Board


What the end customer receives is the sum of each part of the chain of operations. That’s why we regularly visit our manufacturers. We want to know the products, operating methods and factors, because in the end we are responsible for the quality and schedules of the deliveries. We also want everyone in our chain to know that they are valuable to us.

Lari Molkka, Purchase and sales

ari tarkkanen


The customer needs to be able to trust in the increasingly fast-moving business world that we will grab the orders without delay and put the goods into motion. Our logistics partners are such that we can promise prompt deliveries and be true to our word: mainly all stock goods are sent on the day of the order.

Ari Tarkkanen, Logistics


You can never really communicate too much to a customer; rather, problems arise when it is unclear to the customer what the schedules are or whether the order has been received. Here, too, we consider the customer as number one and are aware of the current schedule or possible twists and turns. Problems are also communicated without delay, so that repair shops can be agreed together.

Jouni Vuorinen, Stock keeping and delivery tracking

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