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Teva-Team Code Of Conduct

Dear colleagues

For the Teva-Team, the only correct course of action is an honest and open course of action. The Code of Conduct is a set of rules that helps us act correctly, regardless of where we are or with whom we work. This code of conduct defines morals, ethics, responsibilities and methods of operation for us as individuals and as a group and as a company.

The code of conduct and our values ​​support an inclusive work environment and show us the direction in the business environment. We are respected in our industry and we want to make sure that we are worthy of trust now and in the changing future. With the code of conduct, we communicate to our personnel, partners, suppliers and stakeholders that we are all responsible for building a culture of proper functioning. Everyone must internalize the guidelines and use them to guide them to the right choices. It is the responsibility of all of us to familiarize ourselves with the operating instructions and follow them.

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These are the ethical guidelines approved by the Teva-Team board and define our common working methods

1. Compliance with laws and society’s rules

Teva-Team is committed to complying with national and international laws and regulations. We value openness and honesty in business, and operations that take into account the economy, the environment and society are the basis of sustainable business.

The international laws and practices we follow:

  • UN human rights declaration
  • The UN’s global corporate responsibility initiative Global Compact
  • International ILO Declaration on Basic Principles and Rights in Working Life We respect free and fair competition and are committed to complying with applicable competition legislation. These include, among others connections with competitors and exchange of information.

2. Society’s rules

Teva-Team staff and board members are expected to act in the interest of the company. Situations where there are personal interests in conflict with the Teva-Team should be avoided. Business relationships should not be aimed at personal gain.

Personnel may not accept gifts, payments, hospitality or service from current or future business partners that can be assumed to affect business transactions. Offering gifts, payments or hospitality of any kind is also prohibited. Inside information is unpublished information that can be considered important information when making decisions. Inside information is confidential until it is published or otherwise made available.

3. Our stakeholders

  • By knowing our customers, suppliers and other business partners and building good business partnership relationships, we can improve business performance. At the same time, we can minimize the risk that we would be involved in illegal activities or a situation that would bring losses or damage to our reputation. In addition, we require our business partners to follow the Teva Team’s code of conduct for suppliers and third parties.
  • By identifying risks related to partners, we can address them before starting a business relationship.
  • We comply with national and international regulations regarding trade sanctions and controls.
  • We are committed to responsible procurement and set requirements for suppliers. At the same time, we require them to carry forward the same principles in their procurement chains.
  • We want to be a reliable partner and understand the expectations of stakeholders. We respect differing opinions when discussing with stakeholder communities.

4. Customer relations

The success of our customers is key to our success. We operate in such a way that we are able to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of us in the long term. Our goal is to be the primary choice of supplier for current and new customers.

When choosing subcontractors and suppliers, the most important criteria are transparency, quality, delivery reliability and price. We expect subcontractors and suppliers to comply with local legislation, international human rights and environmental laws (Supplier Code Of Conduct).

We strive to promote compliance with ethical guidelines among subcontractors and suppliers.

5. Enviroment

We commit to act responsibly and take environmental aspects into account in business and decision-making. Together with stakeholders, we develop environmentally friendly solutions.

We comply with environmental standards based on legislation and expect the same from all our subcontractors and suppliers.

We monitor the development internally and in regular meetings with subcontractors and suppliers.

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