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We are delighted to introduce Teva-Team, a proud Finnish zipper manufacturer. In Finland, where the tradition of zipper manufacturing runs deep, Teva-Team emerges as the newest player and the only existing Finnish zipper brand. We are here not just to produce zippers but to weave a narrative of tradition, quality, and innovation.

Each zipper crafted by Teva-Team bears the imprint of our commitment to tradition, quality, and durability. The fusion of Finnish craftsmanship and uncompromising quality defines the core of our brand. When we speak of creating something new, we mean it both literally and figuratively. Teva-Team brings not only decades of experience in traditional zipper manufacturing but also a dedication to developing innovative solutions.

We aspire to be part of shaping the future, hand in hand with each one of you. We are not just a brand; we are your partner in understanding your needs and providing tailored solutions. Whether it’s for specialized clothing, bags, technical textiles, or any other application, Teva-Team is more than a brand – we are a collaborator ready to meet your unique requirements.

The future is a shared adventure, and we are here to ensure that zippers become the strong and enduring link in that chain. Thank you for choosing Teva-Team. We look forward to our collaboration and the creation of a new future together. Feel free to reach out, and let’s design a zipper that reflects your vision.

Teva-Team is family owned company since 1988. The most important thing for us is our customers: that’s why we work every day to ensure that they get the best service quickly and reliably.

ca. 1.5 mil. meters

of thread produced per day

ca. 2000 meters

of zippers produced per day

over 30 years

of reliable service

Customer promise

Enthusiastic partner of large entities and enabler of the future

  1. High-quality industrial materials flexibly and individually

2. We offer a positive customer experience

3. Enthusiastic about creating the future together with the customer



The best expert in all industry


We create a high-quality package from one supplier


Solve and fulfill customers’ needs flexibly and quickly with extensive packages



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