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Delrin zipper

If the customer’s need is a very precisely defined length of the zipper, the number of teeth can be defined, in which case the chain is exactly the desired length, while normally chains have general tolerances. Also this way we can define zipper type so you compaund left and right side, no matter if production is not in same time.

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Delrin zipper is very light compared to a metal chain. In casting chains, there are many possibilities to customize the product according to the customer. The teeth can be a different color than the zip tape and the teeth are also available in metallic colors and mirror face or bright teeth.


  • D3/4mm
  • D5/6mm
  • D7/7mm
  • D8/8mm
  • D10/9mm

Also available with water repellent (WR) treatment.


  • Open end
  • Closed end
  • Two-way open end
  • X-type closed end
  • long chain

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Kaikki saatavilla roiskesuojattuna sekä wr kyllästettynä kestämään merivettä.

Avoketju X-avoketju Umpiketju X-umpiketju


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