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Splash-proof zipper

Splash-proof zippers are PU-laminated. In this case, there is a laminated PU film on the one side of the chain. The film is normally transparent and is available with a glossy or matte finish. A film suitable for special needs is also available, in which case the film is already colored. It is also possible to produce a printed film according to customer needs.

Perfectly suitable for products that require better waterproofing than a normal zipper. The splash-proof zipper can also be used to highlight the product visually.

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Splash-proof (Waterproof) zipper can be coil or delrin. Zipper can also include WR (water repellent) treatment.



4mm, 6,4mm, 6mm

Product group


Avoketju X-avoketju Spiraali umpiketju Valu umpiketju X-umpiketju Metriketju


veneily ulkovaatetus työvaatteet suutarit purjeveneet metsästys markiisit eläinpukineet erikoisvaatetus kenkäteollisuus yritysvaatetus

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